The ViVA Event 2018

…tapping into the richness of LIFE

3–5 November
Albir, Spain









I would recommend it for the connection and the laughter, the simplicity... the lightness of being.

I love the combination of light and deep simultaneously.  I have been touched and heart-warmed.

Mick Tomlinson 

It's been more than I imagined it would be. Beautifully organised but with a lightness to it.

One of the greatest things is to feel the connection between so many people here. I say to all, come here and attend.

Thomas Dworzak  Edelmetall Händler

The warmth of the VIVA event helps to bring the Principles to the heart.  I have loved witnessing the melting of hearts as so many people shared the power of the Principles in their life stories.

Jonathan Shaddock 

Very well organised with a lovely friendly relaxed vibe.

Erica Lewis 

Loved the feeling of depth, love, understanding, gentleness.

Elsie Spittle 

VIVA is unique in its laid back and deep feeling and in sharing the most important understanding in the world about human beings capacity for thriving in life.

Mette Louise Holland 

Everybody's got to come to Viva... the feelings in the room, the camaraderie, the togetherness... the feeling of oneness is palpable. To be part of that is going to help people to have a shift, to soar...

Sue Lachman 

This is an event which celebrates the love that connects all humans with each other and with the universe. It is the friendliest and most mind and heart opening event imaginable. No one can attend and leave unchanged. No one should miss it!

Jan Armstrong 

A safe and loving space to explore in.

Philippa Stanley 

VIVA is the friendliest, most enjoyable Three Principles event I have joined and highly recommended!

Marien Perez 

This event is absolutely amazing. It is a wonderful mixture of talks, breakouts and “just” meeting new and old Friends. The work Sue and Sheela have done is outstanding – just look at the wonderful brochure! You have guided us the whole way with humour and love! Thank you.

Lise Dandanell 

Didn’t know what to expect but connection and deeper feelings.  And I got loads!!

Rani Bora 

A wonderful event, gently paced with lovely people.  A weekend well spent.

Don Deacy 

This is my 3rd year at VIVA and I have already put the dates for 2018 in my diary!  The special space created by Sheela and Sue defies mere description in words – you have to be present to feel the love and connection – so just be here!

Gillian Fox 

VIVA – the place to come to if you want to experience love, light deep connection and a new way of seeing how life works.

Maureen York 

This is truly an amazing event.  Peaceful, calm and uplifting.  Thank you so much.

Ann Sainty 

This was my first time at VIVA. Everything exceeded my expectations. Organisation, beautiful Albir, good hotel, but most of all the lovely people sharing and listening. “Lovely people weekend” as someone called it. A strong feeling of openness and connection.

Marie Engel 

Just being here is so refreshing and you come alive.

Fredrik Kinnman  Psychiatry resident

A unique event!

Join us in celebrating and exploring the expansion of the Three Principles in Europe and beyond while at the same time deepening your own level of understanding.

The VIVA event has proven itself over the past 3 years to be an outstanding event of connection, joyful expression, fun and presence. This year’s VIVA – 2018 – event promises another unique opportunity to feel life unfolding in the moment.

Join us for this wonderful Three Principles based event to celebrate and explore the living joy that is available within us all; connecting in a way that brings us together in a powerful shared experience.

• Magical!  Sharing our experiences of living, sharing, and teaching the Three Principles.
• Joyful!  Participating in lively groups, often moving and always inspiring,
• Heartfelt!  Connecting and deepening relationships and forging new links
• Amazing!  Hearing from a wide range of grounded, experienced and generous like-minded  people.
• Inspiring!  Discovering the latest news about the expansion of principle-based work in Europe and beyond, hearing first-hand just what is possible.
• Priceless!  The side effect of listening with no pre-conceived notions – a deepening of our own level of understanding.

It's been such an incredible experience... such a deep, beautiful weekend. Everyone, to me, has just grown exponentially.

Karen Williams 

VIVA is an event run with professionalism and friendliness and fantastic presentations and the space to have insights carefully arranged.

Louise Taylor 

The warmth of the VIVA event helps to bring the Principles to the heart.  I have loved witnessing the melting of hearts as so many people shared the power of the Principles in their life stories.

Jonathan Shaddock 

Albir, an ideal location for the VIVA event

  • Space to breathe
  • EU blue ribbon awarded beach
  • Surrounded by mountains
  • Famous lighthouse walk with spectacular views
  • Cafés, restaurants and shops galore
  • Affordable prices
  • Easy access from Alicante airport

Did we mention that there can still be fabulous weather in November?!

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